Art4Trails was developed in 2016 by the Rochester Arts and Culture Collaborative, with plans to expand collaboration on the project in 2017. Expansion of partnerships now includes Rochester Art Center, Rochester Parks and Recreation, Olmsted County Public Health, RNeighbors, WeBikeRochester, Minnesota Children’s Museum Rochester and Rochester Downtown Alliance.



Art4Trails is a public art initiative to promote local artists and enhance our public parks by installing original art along the bike trails near downtown Rochester. Thirteen artists submitted proposals, and five of these were selected as winners by a panel of neighbors, artists, park department representatives, and arts organization administrators. The winners will each receive $2,500 for supplies and materials. Once installed, any member of the public can purchase the sculptures directly from the artists.

The winning 2017 sculptures are:

Unbroken, by Katya Robers: The sculpture is a single sheet of aluminum, painted white, using only bends and cuts to form its visual and inner life.  This will replace the Giant Fish sculpture now in Slatterly Park.

Tractor Cat, by Richard Brubaker: This work shows a cat featuring five individual pieces of interlocking steel, playfully painted in five bright colors. This sculpture will be installed in Roy Sutherland Park. It is the only permanent sculpture in this collection. It was donated by the artist to the City of Rochester.

Fantastical Fruit, by Amarama: The work will feature four large fruits made of hand-dyed cement in various shapes and sizes, and will include colored mosaic on inner slices of fruit. The sculpture will be in Mayo Park East, near the playground.

Drinking Sunshine, by Craig Snyder: The sculpture will stand 14 feet tall and show eight colorful cubes, each precariously balanced one on top of the other, all seemingly ready to topple over. It will be installed on the concrete peninsula in the river behind the Government Center.

Perfect Canoe, by Sebastian Richer: The canoe will be fabricated in steel, about 10 feet long and shaped like an s-curve. It will be installed on the lawn near the Silver Lake fire station.

On June 3, 2017, We Bike Rochester will sponsor a ride along the bike trail, and each sculpture will be individually unveiled while the bikers and other neighborhood spectators watch the unveiling. Everyone is invited to join in the unveilings, especially neighbors in the Slatterly Park and Historic Southwest neighborhoods, where two of the sculptures will be installed. The artists will be there to explain their creation to the audience on the trail. After the unveiling, the Rochester Art Center will host a Family Day celebration, free and open to all, and the artists will be recognized and receive the final payment for their art.