The Rochester Art Center (RAC) is hosting a series of maker’s workshops featuring a roster of local experts including architects, urban planners, artists, landscape designers, engineers, marketing gurus, technical experts, and engineers. Every Thursday night in August and early September, RAC will host the makers to offer PlaceMaker teams the use of RAC’s extensive inventory of woodworking machinery, tools, meeting spaces, production areas, project support, and Wi-Fi. The public is also welcome to come and meet the Makers and offer assistance and/or advise.

As part of the PlaceMakers | Rochester Prototyping Festival on September 15 – 17, 2016, our community will be introduced to a unique concept modeled by only a few major cities including Oakland and San Francisco. Prototyping is a way to create, test and try an experimental model of a new idea or object. PlaceMakers is a collaborative initiative involving a range of people like creatives, builders, architects, engineers, poets, and artists to come up with possible solutions to a physical space. Sixteen creative, well-designed and unique submissions have been chosen to participate in the Festival this September.

Please feel free to stop by, whether you’re a maker or not, and lend your voice to the conversation.