Please join us as we celebrate the opening of two new exhibitions! This opening reception is free and open to the public. RSVP: Click Here

Traverse is an immersive, interactive exhibit that considers the spaces between us and nature. The artist invites the viewer to embark on a metaphorical journey of natural and human forces and the extent to which they are both at odds with each other and at times in harmony. If landscapes could speak, what would they say to us? If they do speak, where can we hear them? With imagery inspired by Iceland’s geologically active landscapes, Iceland becomes the backdrop against which the artist proposes we evaluate our relationship to the landscapes we traverse.

This exhibition was supported through an Artist Initiative grant from Southeastern Minnesota Arts Council

Rivers from around America flow into a video confluence created by Moren. Video screens become the rippling rivers along the floor of RAC, with sculptural rocks formed in exact replica of rivers filmed from California to Wisconsin. Reformed Topographies is a series of video sculptures by Ben Moren which present cross sections of rivers and streams where stones interrupt the flow. Acrylic topographies placed on top of the screens optically draw the image of the stones back into the third dimension. The surface of the water and the surface of the screen converge to create a new kind of flow.

This exhibition was supported through an Artist Initiative grant from Minnesota State Arts Board