Regional artists Katya Roberts, Roger Boulay, Jon Allen and Debra D’Souza will share their insights and experiences for a panel discussion. Each of these artists have received SEMAC grant exhibition funding for ROOTED: Southeastern Minnesota Artist Exhibition Series, a newly launched series at RAC. The panel will speak to the process of getting to the point of being ready to apply, the varying stages they are in their careers and how they navigated the grant application. Each of these artists work in different disciplines, including painting, sculpture, mosiac, photography and video/film. RAC hopes you will find this panel to be an accessible introduction to the SEMAC grant process with artists who have already been successful.

Light refreshments will be served.

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Rochester Art Center has initiated a regional art exhibition series in which artists who are awarded Southeastern Minnesota Arts Council (SEMAC) emerging artist and advancing artist grants may exhibit their work at RAC in the third floor galleries. Five artists were successful in receiving the first series of grants in this new venture and will begin exhibiting starting in October 2018: Katya Roberts, Alessandra Sulpy, Debra D’Souza, Jon Allen and Simon Huelsbeck.

This is ongoing and Rochester Art Center encourages artists throughout the eleven SEMAC counties to apply for SEMAC emerging and advancing artist grants that may result in an exhibition at the art center. Please contact Sheila Dickinson at the Rochester Art Center for more information regarding your exhibition proposal at and apply for the grant at We look forward to seeing your work!