Teaki Garcia: Urheimat (Guardian)

People’s Food Co-op

February 18 – May 1, 2016

Please note: this exhibition is off-site at the People’s Food Co-op Café, 519 1st Ave SW, (507) 289-9061

Opening Reception: Thursday, February 18, 2016 5 – 6 pm in the People’s Food Co-op Café

Building on her 2014 RAC2 exhibition Urheimat at Rochester Art Center, artist Teaki Garcia continues to explore themes of medicine, nature, and community. As a multi-media artist, she examines American life and culture, looking critically at celebrity culture, art, fashion, movies, spirituality, and popular psychology. Embodying a practice informed by the world in which she lives, her work provides social commentary through textiles, photography, and other media to present a visual lexicon with genuine intent to inspire American culture.

About the Artist

I was born in Methodist Hospital to a Mayo Clinic psychiatrist. I grew up on Mayowood Road and graduated from Mayo High School—always in close proximity to medicine, nature, and community. William and Charles Mayo informed me about how a legacy is created and carried on. They were celebrities before the current saturation of celebrity culture. The Mayo Brothers had initiative, spirit, and vision. They earned their status from professional and social endeavors. Most current celebrities have little to teach us, as actors, models, and politicians. Their main function is entertainment and promotional activities.

My work as a multi-media artist explores American life and culture. It is easy to mock, insult, and criticize the current celebrity culture. America is much more than a surface mix of sound bytes, chaotic politics, and skinny fashion models. I am immersed in American culture: art, fashion, movies, spirituality, and popular psychology. I am not above it. I live with it. My work creates social commentary in textiles, photography, and other media to present a visual lexicon with genuine intent to inspire and aspire American culture, not degrade it. I find the journey of self-creation and our identity, within the greater community, a puzzle to deconstruct.


Rochester Art Center (RAC) and People’s Food Co-Op (PFC) are pleased to partner to present the exhibition initiative Locally Grown. This curated series presents artists who have exhibited in Rochester Art Center’s local artist series RAC2 (Rochester Area Collaborative) in a second exhibition. Annually, four artists will have the opportunity to create new exhibitions in the Co-Op’s welcoming dining space as an innovative outgrowth of their presentation at RAC2.

As the community’s appetite for local art and food expands, PFC is an ideal business and space for Rochester Art Center to continue to support artists and reach yet another audience, helping to broaden and shape the cultural landscape of Rochester. This partnership recognizes the many ways in which healthy food and contemporary art are good for you. Together we are serving our community the best in local art and food.