This year we are excited to introduce an Artist in Residence program that will allow for a unified vision throughout all curriculum. The artists have developed a syllabus for each of the eight sessions highlighting RAC exhibitions, music, spoken word poetry, dance, basic art appreciation theories and concepts.

Heidi JeubJeub has been a teaching artist for over 10 years, as well as a painter, sculptor and bookbinder. She brings her modest childhood, interest in life-long learning, and understanding of art and design into the classroom setting, allowing students to discover creative confidence that is all their own. She teaches all age groups, bringing ideas, vocabulary, and energy to meet the levels of the students. Her residencies have gone from “art for art’s sake” to STEM rich content that helps with learning differences and gender equity. She is known primarily for her interdisciplinary residencies that brings art together with STEM content (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math). She integrates a true essence of art making into her workshops, without too much dependence on the masters of the past, because she firmly believes in the mastery of the creative minds of today.

Her studio work has earned her awards such as the “Outstanding Arts Leader for Morrison County” (2016) and Emerging Artist Award for Central Minnesota (2013), as well as several grants. She balances her work as an artist with an active involvement with arts and non-arts nonprofits, serving as board member, consultant, and project coordinators for various organizations. She is a mother of 3, and lives, creatively, in central Minnesota.

katyaBorn in Kiev, Katya Roberts moved with her family to San Francisco at the age of twelve. Katya studied Sociology and Art at UCLA. Upon graduating, she continued to create and show her artwork in Los Angeles while working as a writer and photojournalist for an independent magazine publication. After working in production and story development both independently and at Fox Studios, Katya began to follow her passion for education. For five years, she headed the visual side of the Visual and Performing Arts Department at a college preparatory high school in Santa Monica, CA. There she developed the visual art curriculum and taught AP studio art, drawing, painting, mixed media and photography

“I am seeking, I am striving, I am in it with all my heart.” – Vincent van Gogh

I believe an artist is an explorer of things large and small, living out the day to day in a spirit of curiosity. If nothing else, for me, Art is about exploration and play. At the same time, art history is an important component of art education in so far as it can fuel creation and best inform the contemporary artwork. Art is a conversation and in order to speak and be heard, one needs to know what has been said before. Not through imitation, but through original response to the historic and present day context, we must educate the current young artists. I am delighted to join the Rochester Art Center with their legacy of supporting and exhibiting artists who carry on that great conversation today.

Join me this summer in the art studio and let’s play!