What a year 2018 has shaped up to be!

In 2018, Rochester Art Center has moved towards greater stability through thoughtful planning, diligent execution and the continued goodwill and contributions of many in our community. We remain cognizant that we’re still developing our path forward by crafting a plan that continues to take sustained involvement to fully solidify our future.

We remain committed to being a space through which art and culture can encourage curiosity. Alongside our programming, we take “sustainability” as our mantra as we work to achieve a ‘sustainable financial model’. How are we bringing programming together with sustainability? Let’s us highlight 3 aspects of our 2018 work and 1 need:

Art Exhibitions: From the start of 2018 with Eamon O’Kane’s Intimate Expansive, alongside work from Chris Larson and Jordan Rosenow and Tom Erickson, we’ve curated shows around key themes of architecture, technology, the environment and our own genetic identities. Our current autumn exhibitions lean towards the experiential and
participative, while our biggest exhibition of the year, “The Human Genome Project” presented a holistic sense of how the human genome could be understood scientifically and artistically. RAC saw 9000+ visitors during the run of the show, including dedicated programs for children, seniors, conference attendees and corporate retreats.

Personnel: Our staff has stabilized with the appointment of a new Executive Director (Brian Austin, PhD) and Artistic Director (Sheila Dickinson, PhD) mid-year. Both Brian and Sheila have been involved at RAC on interim and freelance capacities previously, but their proven performance and demonstrated commitment to RAC has grounded our
strategic and artistic direction. We’re rounding out personnel in program development, event staffing and front of house to ensure a sustainable team going forward.

Community Outreach: RAC has continued to extend itself to our local community of artists, creatives and interested publics. “Parent Artist Gather”, Total Arts Day Camp & Kids Art Summer Camp and working, productive partnerships from traditional arts and culture fields (SEMAC, Northern Lights) have grounded our outreach, while movement into areas of cultural production by partnering with Mayo Clinic have allowed for new opportunities.

Our financial path throughout 2018 has shown positive ascendence, but arts grants, city support and corporate giving aren’t sufficient to create a sustainable funding model. RAC, like almost all other arts organizations, needs your
financial support. Our ability to continue the forward momentum we’ve gained is contingent on member giving. We remain highly cognizant that all the funds we received – including your contributions – are indeed a gift that not only sustains our spirits; they literally make the arts come to life at Rochester Art Center. Won’t you help us continue forward as we sustain ourselves and champion cultural curiosity with an increased gift? We thank you for your
consideration and contribution!

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With warmth,

Brian Austin, PhD