Chad Thacker | Store Manager at Hy-Vee on 37th

Artist | Maggie Pemberton

The beehive of activity that is the Hy Vee on 37th St requires a great deal of planning and organization. During a crisis leadership becomes a crucial factor not only for a business but for the wellbeing of its employees and customers. Chad Thacker has proven to be a leader who delivers service in situations where his customers might be out of resolve, out of patience, and out of empathy. Even a hard-working team becomes tired and worried during trying times. Chad has been able to keep his shelves stocked and given his employees a safe environment to work in. Not an easy feat to accomplish, and still an even greater one to put the needs of the people around you first and foremost.

Nominated by Kevin Ewing

Artist Bio Maggie Pemberton

Maggie Pemberton is an illustrator and designer from Rochester, Minnesota.  As a visual artist, her work observes the subjects of natural being and acausal parallelism through depictions of portraiture and repetition. Her recent work focuses on surface pattern design where she uses technical linework, gauche, and digital rendering to compose original seamless designs for wallpaper and fabric. She is an Associate Curator at the Rochester Art Center and holds a BFA in Illustration from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design.

Find Maggie on Instagram: @mpembill @pembertonpatterns