Tara Churchill | Respiratory therapist/ECHMO Specialist at Mayo Clinic

Artist | Bobby Marines

Tara Churchill is no stranger to battling debilitating diseases. A longtime respiratory therapist, she is as devoted to her work helping others as much as she is to her two school-age boys. Traveling to other countries with her co-workers, Tara has assisted with medical services for the less fortunate who are otherwise left without the means to seek treatment. During the pandemic Tara has continued to supply a sympathetic hand and works to provide care for patients on the weekends, leaving the weekdays to be with her boys and help them with distance learning. It shouldn’t be expected that essential workers sacrifice one half of their lives for the other, nor should we expect a perfect balance between the two. For Tara, the balance is reflected in the love she puts into all that she does.

Nominated by Taryn Sutherland

Artist Statement

The world map represents Tara’s experience traveling to other countries with doctors and other coworkers to help assist with much needed medical procedures. The glass also represents quarantine. The pine cones in the transparent glass represent the members of her family: her two kids and her husband. The colored threads were inspired by the bronchial tree as well as roots. The breath of life she gets from her family’s love is then spread throughout the uncertainty of today, through her work. She shares it with the world. I chose the wood because of the essential nature of trees and that they provide oxygen. Similar to her being essential and her profession assisting in helping people breathe. And the golden flower/sun on top represents hope and new beginnings.

Artist Bio Bobby Marines

Bobby Marines is an interdisciplinary artist living in Rochester, MN. His methods have evolved from an underground, grassroots approach using found cardboard as canvas, to creating monumental pieces while experimenting with various materials. Originally from Robstown, TX, his work navigates romantic notions of his childhood while simultaneously exploring its realism.

He is a 2015 Advancing Artist grant recipient through the Southeast Minnesota Arts Council and a 2020 Artist-in-Residence at RALC, through the Minnesota State Arts Board. His latest body of work includes Cascarones (SooVac, Mpls), Cuartito in the Burbs (MadeHereMN, Mpls), and was featured in Making it OK: Art, Bravery, and Mental Health (Rochester Art Center). He recently sat as President of C4, a non-profit arts organization in Rochester.

Find Bobby Marines on Instagram: @bobbymarines