During this public health crisis when most of us have retreated into the safety of our homes during the shelter-in-place order, a brave group of essential workers risk exposure to COVID-19 or spend long hours finding a medical solution. Rochester Art Center wants to give back to them and honor their hard work by creating a tribute exhibition of portraits of these hero workers. Local artists will create portraits of Rochester essential workers that will be shown in an exhibition when the art center reopens. Accompanying each portrait will be a story about each of them. 

Here is where you come in! Nominate a health care worker you think deserves a portrait, someone who was brave and helped us in this crisis. This project is designed to honor our community’s heroes by sharing their stories through art. Most of the project budget goes back to the participating local artists, helping stabilize their financial health during this difficult time. 

Submissions accepted through May 4. Please share widely with friends and family so they can nominate those most deserving. Click here to fill out the nomination form.

Thank you for participating! And look forward to seeing you at the Rochester Art Center when we can honor in person our essential workers!!


Image: Rochester, MN (Starry Night) by AB-Photography.us