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Events for June 28, 2022 - June 28, 2022

8th Annual SE MN High School Art Show

In its 8th year, the Southeast Minnesota High School Art Show showcases the talent of students in grades 7 - 12 from rural school districts in SE MN.

Inch Art

The Inch Art Auction is a fundraiser based on a similar project from Rochester Art Center’s history. In May of 1980, 100 artists created inch-sized art that was exhibited as the first of its kind and toured through the region.

Poetry Despite/Music Despite

"Poetry Despite/Music Despite (Eternal War Requiem)" connects artists across time and place, from World War I to the “Global War on Terror,” from the US to Iraq.

Ageless Art: Rochester Public Schools Art Show

Ageless Art showcases the creativity of students in Rochester Public Schools. Artwork on view will represent students ranging from Kindergarten to 12th grade and include various mediums including painting, digital arts and photography.

Walk With Us

When walking becomes an intentional activity, i.e., something more than utilitarian movement, worlds open up. Artists and creative thinkers have been aware of this keyway into creativity for centuries, and so there is a deep history of writers, visual artists, scientists, philosophers and other creative thinkers engaged in this practice.

Our Home

What and where is home? Is home a place, a smell, a memory, an object, a person? As Rochester grows every day to be a more racially diverse and international city, the Rochester Art Center strives to highlight and celebrate a plurality of voices through the stories of transplants, immigrants and long-time residents who decided to make Minnesota their home.

home ~ exploring, mending, reimagining

"home ~ exploring, mending, reimagining" features, for the first time in one single location a multimedia body of work, composed by quilts, audiovisual collages, and participatory artworks, that artist Cecilia Cornejo Sotelo has produced since 2019 with various communities in southeastern Minnesota.

Women Through Their Eyes

Carlota Gay's "Women Through Their Eyes" is a solo exhibition featuring a series of watercolor portraits accompanying a singular acrylic painting on polytab fabric.


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