Mask Making Workshop

Saturday August 8th | 1:00 – 3:00 PM | Register HERE

FREE. Please register to participate in the workshop, seating is limited. Includes workshop and day-of gallery admission to the Rochester Art Center. All ages welcome.

Instructor: Heidi Smith,  Director, Center for Grief Education and Support

Throughout history cultures have used masks for multiple reasons including war, religion and theatre.  Oftentimes masks have been worn as protection or to hide what is underneath.  In grief, it is easy to wear a mask to cover our emotions or to protect ourselves from others who are well intending, but do not understand all that grief encompasses.

Through this two-hour mask making workshop we will discuss various aspects of grief including changes, memories, feelings, regrets and how to honor our people who have died as we continue to move forward with our grief.

Come prepared to share briefly about your person in a safe and understanding environment.

Masks and creative materials supplied.  Dress for mess, we will use paint and glue. 

Thank you to Seasons Hospice for making this workshop possible.

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