Opening: March 23, 7 to 9 pm
Artist Talk: March 23, 7:30 pm
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Maps have many purposes; providing guidance in our travels, visualizing complicated demographics, or recording important patterns and political transitions. In his new exhibition, Cameron Jarvis focuses on the site specificity of aerial views, Google maps, and other sources to present, share and investigate autobiographic relationships based on important personal places. A first generation American, Jarvis uses maps as a source of inspiration to connect his current home in Cottage Grove, MN, with his Grandmother’s in Antiqua. Through the print making process, Jarvis presents the audience with an intimacy of the local that is both personal as well as universal.


Focusing on the development, commissioning, and production of new work by emerging artists from Minnesota, this RAC program has worked directly with more than 50 artists. Since 2004, the organization has had a significant impact on the professionalization of artistic development in the state of Minnesota.

As one of the foremost art centers outside of the Twin Cities, RAC plays a central role in providing access and support to emerging artists while also connecting contemporary art practice with a broader audience.

Artists in our RAC Emerging Artists Program are supported, challenged and facilitated to take risks. By working with our curators, and taking a hands-on approach, selected artists are challenged to rigorously engage with materials, ideas, and the production of art. As an organization, we aim to produce shows with artists that take their practice to another level—aiming to break an artist into a new realm within Minnesota, the region, or even nationally.

We are excited to announce that in our twelfth year, this signature exhibition series is moving from our third floor gallery space to our second floor gallery space, and to reflect this new development, will be renamed the RAC Emerging Artist Series.