Leslie Barlow, Portraits During a Pandemic, watercolor on paper, 9 x 15″

Creative Confinement: Art Under Quarantine

July 1, 2020 – January 17, 2021

Artists Include:
Labor Camp
Areca Roe
Leslie Barlow
Cocoa Laney + Adam Razvi
Benedetta Manfriani
Zoe Cinel

Right: Piotr Szyhalski, Labor Camp COVID Report: May 6, 2020, ink on paper

Virtual Artist Talk: Leslie Barlow & Cocoa Laney + Adam Razvi | Click here to watch the recording

Virtual Artist Talk: Areca Roe & Piotr Szhyalski |  Click here to watch the recording

Stopped in our tracks, mid stride, we were going about our regular lives and then….shut inside, cut off from friends and extended family, as well as work. We found ourselves reorienting our priorities, educating our children from home, seeking nooks and crannies to find a work space at home for days, then weeks to months. Though the shelter-in-place has lifted, most will continue on the same as under quarantine, staying home to keep ourselves and others safe by preventing the spread of COVID-19.

Artists are resourceful and resilient and through turning inward found in the retreat to home and through connecting in the virtual realm. They have created art that helps us all process both our time spent in quarantine and what we find now as we carefully step out into a world still coping with a pandemic. RAC supports the work of artists who are society’s meaning makers. As a smaller organization we can be more flexible and open up and make space for relevant artwork, fresh out of the hands of artists.

How does prolonged confinement affect creativity? How have artists, skilled in creative adaptation, begun to produce art of insightful reflection that makes visible what they and we are processing in this altered environment? What we provide through visual art is a collective catharsis as we figure out how we will live on the other side of this.

Here are seven artists we found that grabbed our attention the most, who we found the most relatable, who produced work despite the motivation crushing conditions of prolonged confinement and work that captured the range of feelings as we went from sadness, anger, laughter, guilt, the whole gamut. The result of bringing these artists and their new bodies of work together provides for viewers the solace of understanding, the solace of finding recognition of what it feels like to be alive through this. We invite you to come into RAC to have all your feelings validated and create sense out of it all.

We celebrate the moment we are able to experience art in person again and throw open our doors to welcome you in the safest way possible.


Artist Talk: Areca Roe & Piotr Szyhalski

Artist Talk: Leslie Barlow & Cocoa Laney + Adam Razvi

Artist Talk: Benedetta Manfriani & Zoe Cinel