Motherboard, 2020
Hot glue, steel, LED light
42”x 54” x 3”


On view October 21 – December 6, 2020
Curator | Zoe Cinel

Rochester Art Center is excited to announce a new exhibition in collaboration with the Masters of Fine Arts at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. Emma Beatrez is the first artist to exhibit as part of this new exhibition program, she was selected out of a pool of candidates of recent graduates from MCAD MFA through a jury selection process. Rochester based artist, Sophia Chai, and RAC Artistic Director, Sheila Dickinson were on the selection jury.

Exhibition Statement
(body vibration, memory friction, information fog, shifting sound, overtone, fluid image, sculptural transparencies, imposition, grid, meditation, resonance, emptiness, fluidity, space, transference, system, funnel, presence, frequency, light, sound, material)

Artist Bio
Emma Beatrez is a transdisciplinary artist from Minnesota. They graduated from Minneapolis College of Art and Design in 2020 with a MFA in Interdisciplinary studio art. Beatrez received their BFA with an emphasis in oil painting at North Dakota State University in 2018. Their recent work deals with ritual, body, proxemics, desire, and simulation through material, light, sound, and scent explorations.

About MCAD
MCAD’s master of fine arts in visual studies program is a community of makers, thinkers, researchers, and creative professionals working in a mentor-based, interdisciplinary environment. Our four-semester curriculum is designed to expand your thinking as you take advantage of the Twin Cities’ vibrant art and design scene. Students are invited to be strongly self-directed as they set personalized goals to guide each semester, as well as their overall time in the program.