kyong juhn: Walk for Hope & Peace


Walk for Hope & Peace: from 39. 0221 N—35.1046 N to 44.0121 N—47.4875 N, 323, presents an epic journey from the artist’s hometown, Rochester, Minnesota to Bemidji, Minnesota, walking over 350 miles for 21 days with the overwhelming support from the Veterans For Peace, Chapter 27 and many, wonderful, warm-hearted families who hosted her every night. Juhn walked 15-20 miles every day and photographed to bring awareness to the imminent political tension, which had recently evolved from the military threat to the historical summit. This walking project is not only a political, but also a personal story: an homage to her mother who escaped North Korea by walking 323 miles to South Korea. As a descendent of the North Korean refugee couple born in South Korea and living in America, juhn reached out to Minnesotan communities to participate in this walk to share our voices for hope and to engage in dialogue about ways to promote peace.