Lifeline: Portraits of Rochester Essential Workers by Local Artists honors local heroes. Eighteen local artists were brought together to create these portraits that will be exhibited at the Rochester Art Center when it reopens.

During this public health crisis when most of us have retreated into the safety of our homes during the shelter-in-place order, brave essential workers risk exposure to COVID-19 or support our community during this time of need. Essential workers were nominated by our community through a call for nominations. We received many worthy candidates! Eighteen were selected and paired with artists who generously donated their time and creativity to honor the daily sacrifice and the stories of these heroes workers. The artistic community of Rochester and the Rochester Art Center are proud to support this worthy tribute to those who have helped us through the crisis.

Artists Include:
Alessandra Sulpy
Anna Canfield
Bobby Marines
Brea Gilchrist
Carley McHenry
Chris Rackley
Heather Acerro
Eric Anderson
Eric Tarr
Jennifer Jesseph
Maggie Pemberton
Monika Gloviczki
Patricia Dunn-Walker
Simon Huelsbeck
Susan Waughtal
Zoe Cinel