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The Art Center is open today 11 am - 4 pm
30 Civic Center Dr. SE, Rochester, MN 55904
open today 11 am - 4 pm
30 Civic Center Dr. SE, Rochester, MN 55904


The Rochester Art Center is now seeking submissions of walking-based art projects for exhibition and programming that will run April 30 to October 2nd, 2022. Submissions are due via email by November 15th, 2021.

Jurors Zoe Cinel and John Schuerman (curators, as well as artists with walking-based artistic practices) will select 12 to 15 artists whose walking projects expand our ideas about art, place, mapping, culture, inner and outer experience, and which generally honor the simple act of walking.

Note: Walking substitute entries welcomed from artists with walking disability.

The jurors will place equal weight on concepts and aesthetics, as well as consider installation flexibility.

The jurors will select three submissions for Cash Awards:

  • First place: $500
  • Second place: $300
  • Third place: $200

If you make walking-based artwork, or want to try your feet at it, we want to hear from you! We are interested in all types of walking art – documentary, performative, abstracted translations, etc. – and open to all forms of media, including drawing, video, photography, etc. within the size limitations of 50×50” for 2D artworks and 30x30x50h” for 3D artworks.

Exhibition Concept

When walking becomes an intentional activity, i.e., something more than utilitarian movement, worlds open up. Artists and creative thinkers have been aware of this keyway into creativity for centuries, and so there is a deep history of writers, visual artists, scientists, philosophers and other creative thinkers engaged in this practice. Aristotle is famous for his peripatetic style of teaching, where his students walked about in the lyceum while he taught. This exhibit aims to share this pathway (so-to-speak) to creativity with audiences both inside the museum and in the broader public.

Artwork will be presented in the alcoves, stairways and other uncommon and uncelebrated spaces of the Art Center; those not typically used for exhibitions (see example photos below). The location and non-uniformity of these spaces will facilitate a walking-engagement of museum visitors, and conceptually reinforce the ideas behind the show. Events and programs will happen inside and outside the Art Center to accord with the nature of walking and to make art happen in a variety of public spaces in Rochester, MN.


Still from Walking a Drawing on a Hill by John Schuerman
Walking in This Place and Moment  – August 2021

John Schuerman and Zoe Cinel

Walking Art often reflects the union of time and space in ways that other art forms do not. The artist is typically out in the world, traveling space, and responding to that space and / or the conditions of that moment. Put simply, the artist is not stationary. They are marking space, and the act of walking sponsors contemplation which marks the moment. 
The artwork for this exhibit may come from anywhere in the world, and from any unique moment. We encourage artists to articulate their thinking about the place and moment that your work was created. What defines the place and moment of your walking? What were your thoughts? Fears? Limits? Freedoms?
The exhibition space also exists in a unique place and moment. 
In this Place and this Moment
The exhibition Walk With Us will be presented At the Art Center in Rochester, MN, USA. Rochester is a small city in the rural Midwest region of the U.S. that has a diverse population and unique international relevance mostly due to the presence of the world renowned Mayo Clinic
The current moment in this region and in this country is a time of intense reflection and struggle. It is a remarkable moment to be present and participating in this society. This exhibition collects experiences in the form of artworks and walking practices that reflect the places and moments from which they come.
About the Jurors

Originally from Florence, Italy, Zoe Cinel is a Curator at the Rochester Art Center and an interdisciplinary artist working between Mni Sota Makoce land (US) and Europe.

John Schuerman is a Minneapolis-based, independent curator of thematic exhibitions and an environmental artist whose primary media are walking and drawing.

Exhibition Space Examples


Please provide all required  information as outlined below.

Submit your materials as ONE PACKAGED PDF file. The PDF may contain multiple documents and files. If you are unsure how to package a multiple file PDF, please review the simple instructions provide here.

If you compile your text and images using Microsoft Word, you need only to export the file as a PDF.

Instructions for PC here. Instructions for Mac here.

Your PDF file package MUST include the following:

  • Resume including previous exhibition experience, name, email, address, phone number, website (optional) – (1 page max) 
  • Description of the submitted artwork(s) and images (optional but recommended) – (400 words max)
  • Artist Statement, including bio – (400 words max)

Video and audio may be provided as links / link addresses within your PDF packaged documentation.

Please send required submission materials in an email to



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