Art4Trails public art installations on Rochester bike trails

Art4Trails is seeking proposals for four temporary outdoor, site-specific art installations at locations along the bike trails near downtown Rochester. One proposal for each site will be selected, and thanks to operating support from the Minnesota State Arts Board, the artist will be awarded $3,000 per site, $1,500 upon selection and $1,500 after installation.

The art will be installed between June 1 and June 20, 2021. Applications open December 15, 2020, and close February 15, 2021 at 11:45 pm. If further funding becomes available in the time frame of the 2021 process, a call for a permanent installation will also be announced.

Rochester Park & Trail System

The Rochester trails provide a convenient way to include activities such as inline-skating, biking, running and walking – either for getting to work and back or simply for recreation and exercise. Rochester has 85+ miles of bituminous or concrete-surfaced tails available for pedestrians, bikers, wheelchairs and strollers. Park and trail maps are available from the Park and Recreation department in city hall or on its website. Art4Trails site locations for 2021 temporary sculptures can be found here. They are at Silver Lake Park by the old fire station, Mayo Park East by the playground, Slatterly Park by the picnic shelter and on a river landing near the waterfall sculpture at the end of Third St. SE.


Artists 18 years of age or older living in Minnesota and neighboring states are invited to submit proposals individually or collaboratively. Students who do not meet the age requirement can participate by having a teacher or guardian sponsor a proposal. Priority will be given to one student/mentor application if it meets the selection criteria.

Selection Criteria

Proposals will be judged based on artistic merit as evidence by representation of past work, the proposal itself, and other supporting materials. A review panel consisting of working artists, curators, arts professionals and a representative of the Parks and Recreation Department will review and select the winning proposals by March 13, 2021.

Selected proposals will enliven sites along the trail system in downtown Rochester between Silver Lake and Slatterly Park. Artistic quality must be of the highest standard in regard to design, materials, craftsmanship, assembly, and appropriateness to the character of the site. Projects must be in place on or before June 20, 2021.

Review the entire call for art: CLICK HERE

Application: CLICK HERE

This activity is made possible by the voters of Minnesota through a grant from the Minnesota State Arts Board, thanks to a legislative appropriation from the arts and cultural heritage fund.

In a year full of change and challenges, our volunteers, artists, donors, and supporters kept up and even stepped up their strong efforts to keep Art4Trails the bright spot it is in Rochester, Minnesota. At year-end 2020, we are pleased to report the power of collaboration resulted in four temporary sculptures, three permanent sculptures, and thirteen bike racks installed in multiple park locations! Read more: CLICK HERE

The members of the Art4Trails volunteer management team are pleased to announce the selection of two new installations made possible through Coronavirus Aid and Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act via the City of Rochester’s Neighborhood Arts Activation program.  The goal of the program is to support artists who have been un- or under-employed in their artistic careers this year because of the pandemic.  The new art works will be in place by the end of November, 2020.  Art4Trails also accepted a new donation of permanent art on behalf of the city.

Yield: keeping a house
By Zoe Cinel and Eric Anderson

Yield is a multimedia sculpture that engages the public to reflect on ideas of home, resilience and migration to Minnesota by using a deconstructed house-shaped sculpture, a seed library, a permanent flower installation and a seasonal native garden.

The idea of home is personal yet universal: our memories of home are intertwined with a building, a land, sometimes with people, or with something as simple as a flower’s scent.

This project is a public connector and a joyful monument that sees home as central to our current lifestyle. In these unprecedented times our homes are the gym, the classroom, the office, the playground. They used to be places for the community to gather and now they are safe, enclosed, solitary spaces. As artists, we miss having an open home and we think about all the people who are suffering from isolation. So here is an invitation to our new public, accessible home, where everyone can relax, reflect, enjoy the beauty of the natural native flora and share seeds the way we share gifts and stories. Our hope is for people to find again a sense of safety, care and belonging within the outdoor public space.

This piece will be located on the west side of the foot bridge connecting Bear Creek Park and Mayo High School.

By Sébastien Richer

Employing the 300-foot length of the site, the alignment of five Pyramides has room to grow up to eight feet tall. From eight inches tall with a base of one square foot, the alignment of the five pieces progresses to eight feet tall with a base of nine square feet. Each top will be finished with a stainless steel point, polished to reflect the light, almost like a light.

This installation will be located along the trail near its crossing of 3rd Ave NW at 31st St NW (Kings Run area)

Untitled By Hugh Butt

A Hugh Butt sculpture was recently donated to the City of Rochester via Art4Trails from the collection of Fredric and Marion Kleinberg of Rochester. It has been installed on the east side of Mayo Park north of the footbridge and near The Lofts apartment building

Hugh R. Butt, MD (1910-2008) was a physician and educator specializing in gastroenterology at Mayo Clinic in Rochester.  As with Dr Richard Brubaker, another popular Art4Trails sculptor, Dr Butt took up the art of metal work after retirement from the clinic.   He had three exhibits at Rochester Art Center and has two works in the Mayo Clinic collection on the Rochester campus. As described by Margaret R. Wentz (Mayo Clinic Proceedings Vol 8, issue 9, E101, Sept 1, 2013), “The sheer whimsy of Dr Butt’s pieces automatically brings a smile to the faces of their viewers…Part of the humor  is that they mirror the simplicity of a child’s stick-figure drawing, complete with curlicues, and are one dimensional. They have the power to change the mood of a passerby. “

Art4Trails is pleased to announce the selection of four artists for the fourth year of Art4Trails public art installations along the bike trails near downtown Rochester, MN.   All four sculptures have been installed – Click here to see a map.

Victor Yepez | Slatterly Park

Simon Huelsbeck | River Landing

Jamie Weinfurter | Mayo Park East

Peter Segar | Silver Lake Fire Station

Art4Trails is a public art initiative to promote local artists and enhance our public parks by installing original art along the walking and bike trail system near downtown Rochester MN.  

It was developed in 2016 by the Rochester Arts and Culture Collaborative and has expanded its partnerships over its four years of installations.

Artists selected for installations this summer come from a little wider geographic area, but with a Rochester focus. Simon Huelsbeck, Art + Design instructor at RCTC, is a Rochester resident and has had exhibits locally at the college and Rochester Art Center, among others. Peter Segar of Burnsville, where he creates stone and metal artworks under the business name Metalcrafters, grew up in Rochester and drew upon childhood memories for his sculpture.  Born in Ecuador and now living in Minneapolis, artist Victor Yepez recently completed an artist in residency program with Rochester Public Schools. Jamie Weinfurter hails from Wisconsin Rapids, WI, and has created outdoor sculpture at the Josephine Sculpture Park, Sculpture Trails Outdoor Museum, and Franconia Sculpture Park in 2019.

The artists each receive a $2500 stipend for these temporary installations, all of which are will be available to purchase from the artists after a year of placement on the Art4Trails sites. As we were unable to gather for tours this year, each artist recorded an artist talk video. Click here to watch the videos.

Art4Trails received an Ardee Award on October 22nd, 2019.  For information about the award and event, please visit the Greater Rochester Arts & Cultural Trust website:

Thank you to all our volunteers and artists who helped to make 2019 a success. We were proud to install four temporary works and three permanent sculptures in 2019 – our best year yet!

Featured projects include:

Meandering Connections – Ryan and James Pederson
Reclaim – Mary Beth Magyar, 2019 temporary installation
Letting Go – Judd Nelson, 2019 temporary installation
Variations on a Circle of Fifths – Isaac Kidder, 2019 temporary installation
The Send-Off – 2019 new project and permanent installation
Flathead – Andy Arend, 2016 finds a new permanent location
Unbroken – Katya Roberts, 2017 finds a new permanent location

Click here to view a Google Map which shows the locations of all Art4Trails sculptures. It also includes the bicycle and walking tour routes, which may be turned on and off in the map legend.

About Art4Trails

Art4Trails is a public art initiative to promote local artists and enhance our public parks by installing original art along Rochester’s bike trails. Since our inception in 2016, our juried art competitions have produced 9 permanent and 9 temporary sculptures and unveiled the work of 10 local and regional artists.

This initiative began with its programming primarily downtown. However, with the additions of our 2019 sculptures, our geographic area will extend from Slatterly Park, Soldiers Field, Mayo Park, and Silver Lake to also include Kutzky Park and Cascade Lake.

Our work has been made possible with partnerships and collaborations with the City’s Parks and Recreation Department, Rochester Art Center, Olmsted County Public Health, RNeighbors, WeBikeRochester, Minnesota Children’s Museum Rochester, Rochester Downtown Alliance, Citizens Concerned for a Creative Community/C4, Southeastern Minnesota Arts Council/SEMAC, Riverside Central Elementary School, Greater Rochester Arts and Cultural Trust/GRACT, Rochester Arts and Culture Collaborative, Kutzky Neighborhood Association, and Eastside Neighborhood Association, Richard Brubaker memorial funds, and by generous donations of sculptures, funds, and services.

Art4Trails Sculptures:

Phoenix Rising, by Richard Brubaker is an abstract figure of a bird that has achieved new life after surviving a deadly fire.  It is a metaphor for the history of Rochester, a city that rose from the ashes of a devastating tornado to become a world-class medical center.

Unbroken, by Katya Roberts: The sculpture is a single sheet of aluminum, painted white, using only bends and cuts to form its visual and inner life.  This replaced the Giant Fish sculpture in Slatterly Park.

Tractor Cat, by Richard Brubaker: This work shows a cat featuring five individual pieces of interlocking steel, playfully painted in five bright colors. This sculpture will be installed in Roy Sutherland Park. It is the only permanent sculpture in this collection. It was donated by the artist to the City of Rochester.

Perfect Canoe, by Sebastien Richer: The canoe is fabricated in steel, about 10 feet long and shaped like an s-curve. It is installed at the confluence of the Zumbro River and Bear Creek in Mayo Memorial Park.


Please consider volunteering or donating to “C4” noting “Art4Trails” in the memo, and send checks to C4/Art4Trails, 609 4th St NW, Rochester, MN 55901.

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This activity is made possible by the voters of Minnesota through a grant from the Southeastern Minnesota Arts Council thanks to a legislative appropriation from the Arts & Cultural Heritage Fund.

This project made possible in part through funding from the Greater Rochester Arts and Cultural Trust.